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Hello! My name is Kriss Luckett-Ziesemer, and I'm the owner and licensed massage therapist at 

Blue Lotus Massage Therapy. I founded Blue Lotus in spring of 2015 in Madison, Indiana, after graduating from Advanced Massage Therapeutics in Louisville, KY. In spring of 2021, my family returned to our home town of Indianapolis, IN, and Blue Lotus moved to the 

Nora neighborhood on the Northeast side of the city. 

Massage is my second career. I started my professional life as an Interior Designer, and a performing musician in my spare time. After several stressful years of running in the corporate hamster wheel, I realized I was slowly dying from stress, and no one's life was improved in any way for it. I was simply working to survive, and to get a little joy out of playing music on the weekends.

So I quit design work, spent a few years as a stay-home mom of an amazing son, 

and then decided I wanted to do something with my career that made people's lives better instead of just punching a clock. Therapeutic massage offered me a way to literally put my hands to work by making people's lives help people cope with, and heal from, chronic pain and stress. Now when I leave my office, I do so knowing that I have made someone's life better that day.

I am still a performing musician, as are my husband and son. 

Scroll down to read about the benefits of therapeutic massage as a means of healing and stress management....

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage:

   -Reduced mental, physical, and emotional stress

   -Relief from chronic pain

   -Relief from acute pain, from active injury

   -Improved sleep patterns

   -Improved circulation

   -May lower blood pressure​

   -May strengthen the immune system 

   -Reduces scar tissue

   -Improves muscle flexibility and range of motion

   -Reduces tension and sinus headaches

   -Improves injury recovery time

   -Improved posture

   -May reduce general swelling and fluid retention

Conditions that can be improved with regular Therapeutic Massage:


   -Back pain

   -Prenatal discomfort

   -Sports injuries

   -Sprains and strains

   -Chronic muscle tightness 

   -Rotator cuff injuries

   -Frozen shoulder

   -Carpal tunnel syndrome

   -Tennis and golfer's elbow


   -Symptoms of fibromyalgia

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