Blue Lotus Massage 

For Relaxation, Health, and Healing

Blue Lotus Massage Therapy is now located at 310 W. Main Street, Madison IN!!!

After 2 1/2 years at 504 W. 2nd Street, the "growing pains" became too big to ignore. So, as much as I loved my little space on 2nd, it was time to stretch out a bit. I am now located at 310 W. Main Street, next to Greves Appliances. I'm also easy walking distance from some great downtown shops, so leave a little time around your appointment to visit GH Coffee or the Red Roaster, and I'll be glad to direct you to some of my favorite stores from there!

Therapeutic Massage...

Life is stressful! This is true for nearly everyone...we put our bodies, minds and souls through a lot every day. Working at our jobs, managing hectic schedules, caring for our homes, being parents...these things are gratifying in so many ways, but in other ways they take a toll on us. Then we add driving, working at our computers, and hovering over our smart phones (yep, I do it too!), and we add tired shoulders and stiff necks to our other physical woes. Massage can help you with this!

Therapeutic massage is an essential part of maintaining physical, emotional and mental well-being. It is a natural stress remedy that pampers us, cares for our tired, sore muscles, and helps us heal when we are injured or sick. Massage is a holistic, conservative approach to healing and health when you incorporate it into your personal wellness routine.

Blue Lotus Massage Therapy is a privately owned massage studio located in beautiful historic downtown Madison, Indiana, along the Ohio River. We offer a number of bodywork modalities, including Swedish (relaxation) massage, deep tissue, myofascial release massage (trigger point therapy), treatment of common injuries, prenatal massage, reiki, and couples massage. As a client of Blue Lotus, your massage is tailored to your needs. 

Contact Blue Lotus Massage Therapy to schedule an appointment today, and give yourself the gift you deserve - a pain-free body so you can live a healthy, active life.