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For Relaxation, Health, and Healing

Blue Lotus Massage Therapy is dedicated to providing excellent quality therapeutic massage with focus on chronic pain management, as well as reiki energy therapy for stress reduction and general wellness. Owner and LMT/reiki master Kriss Luckett has 10 years professional experience, and offers a relaxing environment to create the necessary ambience for a stress free visit. 

Blue Lotus Massage Therapy focuses on helping our clients cope with pain and stress issues from past or current injuries, postural issues due to stress and strain at work, school, or athletics, and prenatal discomfort. Reiki energy therapy offers a more hands-off approach to stress and anxiety.  


We all deserve to be relaxed and pain-free, although many of us continue to tolerate our chronic pain, stress, and anxiety issues. Whether you are a long-time advocate of therapeutic massage, or if you're considering trying massage or reiki for the first time, Blue Lotus Massage Therapy welcomes you to take that next step to live your best life.

What clients are saying....

"The massage was magnificent! I feel great. I need to get this done more often. 

I can move around so much easier now."

Christie R., Madison IN


"This woman has a gift. I can't wait to go back!"

Amy L., Indianapolis IN


"Kriss did a wonderful job, and so relaxing. I didn't even have to tell her my problem areas, 

she knew instantly."

Melissa W., Madison IN

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